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A 60-minute live talk show, or fine distillation of the unique CX-style of discussion on the latest advances in the vascular field. Always honest, regularly controversial and (very) occasionally funny – this is your drilldown of the hottest trends and topics exercising the community

Charing Cross (CX) is the leading vascular and endovascular education symposium. The CX 2023 programme will see the end of the most recent three-year cycle of raising vascular and endovascular controversies so that a world-class faculty challenges the available evidence in order to reach a consensus.

The theme this year is consensus. We will be welcoming experts, educators and enthusiasts from the world of vascular and cardiac medicine in-person at the Hilton Metropole, London from 25-27 April 2023. Sessions and content will then be available online.

CX 2023 will, as always, focus on education, innovation and evidence and include some of the hottest topics in the space from world-leading expert speakers. There will also be plenty of opportunity for attendee engagement, with audience participation playing a vital role.

Be a part of the Consensus Update – get involved as the CX world-class faculty aims to tackle the hottest Aortic, Peripheral, Venous & Lymphatic, Vascular Access, Acute Stroke, Vascular Trauma and Hurting Leg treatment issues.

View selected recorded sessions from CX Symposium, from our Library on CX Vascular, here.

The CX Aortic Vienna 2022 programme aims to bring the cardiac aortic and vascular worlds together, spanning the aortic valve to the iliac arteries. We will showcase all aspects of aortic care from selection to investigation, diagnosis, techniques, technologies and fruitful debate.

This year, CX Aortic Vienna has been generously invited to provide two 90-minute prime time cutting edge English-language sessions at the Dreiländertagung in-person in Vienna, Austria on Thursday, 20 October. We will then broadcast worldwide from the 24 – 26 October for our wider global audience, delivering 15 total hours of the highest quality aortic education for CX Aortic Vienna 2022 Digital Edition.

From 2023 onwards, CX Aortic Vienna will be held annually in October as a hybrid meeting in-person in Vienna whilst livestreaming globally. True to our mission we continue to welcome aortic specialists from all backgrounds including cardiac, vascular and endovascular experts.

View selected recorded sessions from CX Aortic, from our Library on CX Vascular, here.